Telluride Ski Resort Terrain

High Alpine Skiing in the Revelation Bowl – Powder Skiers Delight.

Expert Terrain

Telluride offers an enormous amount of in-bounds and out of bounds gate entries for Expert skiers. If you have big lungs and are able to hike uphill at 12,000 – 13,000ft, you’re in luck at Telluride. Gold Hill, Black Iron Bowl, Palmyra Peak & Bald Mountain offer some of steepest and most extreme lift serviced resort terrain found in North America. You should honor the buddy system, ski with a local, and get someone to show you the ropes before venturing out half cocked. Variable weather, snow conditions, high altitude and avalanche danger all play a factor here, and only the most experienced should venture.

That said, once you head out into the lift accessed in-bounds “backcountry” at Telluride, you’re in for a magical experience. One of my most memorable days at Telluride was way back in the ’80’s when getting out to Gold Hill which was still gate access only and quite a hike. Fortunately we had a buddy on mountain ops who gave us a snowmobile ride out saving our flatlander lungs from exploding. Pristine powder, steep slopes, rugged extreme feel.. all draining into some amazing glades.

If bumps are more your style… check out the famous “Spiral Staircase” which seems to be an endless, super steep, and perfect tree cut-bump run

From groomers to powder covered moguls… Telluride offers something for everyone

Advanced Terrain

Telluride is one of those resorts where some of the blue’s would handily be as steep or steeper than some black diamonds you would find at lesser resorts. The Plunge and Revelation Lifts are some of the best advanced skier lifts in the nation. The plunge tops out at 11,880′ and descends 2,100 ft back to the bottom leaving your legs and lungs wishing for my time at the gym. Revelation is a shorter jaunt of only 783ft, but going up much higher with the top at a mind blowing 12,500 ft. At this elevation, you’re happy that it’s a shorter journey to the bottom, and wish that you had some O2 in a can to help you catch your breath.

Throughout the resort you’ll find a bounty of steep blue runs and black diamonds that have been perfectly manicured, as well as many left for skier packed and open powder runs. With the great grooming and cold temps, Telluride doesn’t require the mega snow dumps of the PNW to get into great shape.