Silverton Mountain Ski Area Review

Silverton Mountain Ski Area Trail Map

Silverton Mountain Ski Area has been designed for the pure powder hound, and back country ski enthusiast in mind. With only one lift taking you to the top, this is a hard core, no frills, adventure seeker experience. You should be skilled in back country skiing, know how to use a beacon, shovel, and probe – and have the correct mindset to handle the extreme conditions.

There are a variety of ways to experience the mountain from unguided skiing, guided tours, and even heli-skiing to get you up and down with style and speed. Also, you can even rent out the entire mountain for your own private session if that’s more your style / or you want to really impress your friends!

You can certainly try out Silverton while staying and skiing at Telluride, with 2 hour journey each way. Also, there is some limited accommodations and food service if you’re looking for the full on rugged mountain experience.

We certainly recommend that you start with a guided tour to kick off your addiction to this incredible, one of a kind ski resort experience.