We all know that driving in the snow is a basic part of skiing for most weekend warriors, so pick the best ride… We take into account snow traction, storage space, style, comfort, handling, safety and performance.

Snow Traction: Not all AWS and 4WD systems are alike. Also, as important if not more important tires are where the rubber hits the road and greatly effect the overall performance of great snow rides. Even the best handling AWS and 4WD vehicles struggle and spin out if they’re not equipped with the best tires for snow driving

Storage Space: We believe that skis should not be in the elements and only belong on a rooftop if you have a storage pod. Exposed ski racks will kill your ski tune, make your bindings malfunction, and make you look like a total geek on the way up. There are a multitude of driver needs from big families to solo day trippers.

Style: We all want to be cool, and drive the coolest car on the road, but preferences are wide and varied. We try to balance our personal preference to what is selling and popular in the market.

Safety: Safety and performance go hand in hand. We are strong advocates that a safe ride must offer superior traction and performance above crash test results. The best safety features keep you out of accidents, spin outs, and crashes. That said, if someone else crashes into you, then safety features become paramount.

Performance: Driving up to the slopes can often be as fun as riding downhill. Let’s face it, driving the curves at speed on dry pavement up through the mountain roads can be exhilarating… pushing down on the pedal coming out of a tight turn or passing cars with ease can be quite fun and rewarding. Why not enjoy the ride up

Comfort: Many passengers dread the long ride up to the slopes. Tight leg room, bad seats, bumpy rides, and lack of entertainment options can lead to chaos with a family of 4. When everyone enjoys the ride, everyone starts and ends the trip with a big smile.

MPG & Environment: We’ll review many premium and large sized vehicles that take gallons and gallons of gas to get you there. Our favorite pick is the Porsche Macan GTS, which is high on power and relatively good on gas. Today there are many 4 cylinder models that offer great performance and sip the gas. Our favorite here is the BMW 4 Series X-Drive (430 Xi Grand Coupe). We also look at the next generation of Hybrid and Plug in’s as performance has been improving each year.