Land Rover – Range Rover Sport 2022 Review

2022 Range Rover Sport Special Models | HSE Silver, SVR Carbon Edition

The Range Rover Sport is a very luxurious Mid Sized SUV that does a remarkable job of balancing on road driving and off road / snow driving capabilities. The styling is very stately both inside out out as the badge would suggest.

On the road you don’t quite get the high end performance of the BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne, but you do get a smooth, confident ride that offers enough precision to navigate the mountain highways. When you hit the side roads with pot holes, deep snow, or need to hop over a semi frozen snow berm the Range Rover Sport has 10.9 in ground clearance and category leading off road traction system to rival the best in show. Certainly what you forgo with handling performance on the speedway you pick up in spades when you get up into the more rugged mountain roads.

We also have the Defender in this tight field of our Top 10 Midsized SUV’s and the Range Rover Sport is a bit more refined and polished for those looking for more of an executive look and feel. Generally speaking if you’re planning on testing the off road capabilities and really want to venture off the pavement, the Defender is more stout and better suited. It’s not too often you’ll actually see either of these up on the Rubicon Trail.

There is plenty of room for all passengers along with all your gear, and you can easily slip your big powder boards into the back with seats down.

There are a myriad of builds with 3 engines P360, P400, and SVR, plus the electrified for those looking to conserve. It’s a bit much to write out all the variations and you have an enormous array of packages and options to select.

The price tag is somewhere in the mid range, depending on how you have it geared. I found a build in the Sport SE with 3.0L P360 engine, 355 HP and 0-60 in 6.2 Seconds with all the features I enjoy for $75,200. You can visit the Land Rover Website to configure one for your taste.