Lake Louise Ski Resort – On Mountain Dining

Lake Louise offers exceptional on mountain dining. Whether you want to just warm up with a cup of coco, or enjoy and indulgent lunch – there is a full range of choices.

On the Mountain

Whitehorn Bistro

View from Whitehorn Bistro

The Whitehorn Bistro is one of the most scenic ski resort lunch spots on the planet. Whitehorn Bistro’s view across the valley towards the Lake of Lake Louise is simply breathtaking. The food is good / average with the resort prices you might expect. This is must do while skiing the resort, and book a reservation to ensure you get a seat inside.

Temple Lodge

Sawyer’s Nook – Backside at Lake Louise Ski Resort

If you’re looking for a bite to eat while skiing on the backside, the Temple Lodge offers a good variety of typical ski resort fare. The most festive of the 3 choices is Sawyer’s Nook where you have an old school mountain feel, with fondue to boot.

At the Base

There are a host of dining options right at the base of the resort. Whether you’re seeking sushi at Kuma Yama, or a burger, fries and a brew – you’ll find a host of choices. Also, I found that getting a table isn’t quite as bad as some other, more crowded resorts.

Powder Keg Lounge is my favorite, and it’s a small shack just to the skiers left of the gondola. It’s fast, convenient, and fun! One very cold, cold, cold day we had a great time taking laps on the frontside, dropping back into the Powder Keg Lounge each run to warm up the toes and digits. Somehow a cold beer does seem to warm you up…