Kirkwood Ski Resort – On Mountain Dining

If you’re coming to Kirkwood for Fine Dining as you would get at Beaver Creek, Vail, Whistler, or Jackson Hole… forget about it. Kirkwood is all about the skiing and there’s been little investment into food service. You’ll still pay the high resort prices, but you won’t get much more than a “Burger and a Beer”. The crew is very friendly and the overall scenery will make you quickly forget you paid $25 for a pre-frozen, poorly seasoned burger.

The Wall Bar

This is the only real “sit down – table service” style dining and is available in “The Lodge” near the base of Chairs 5 & 6. There’s a short bar, a dozen tables, a few scattered high tops and an outdoor deck that all offer table service. The menu is limited and you’ll find burgers, chili, salads, quesedilla’s and a few other selections. Hearty food, good drinks, and great view of the mountain. This is the premier dining location during ski hours.

Monte Wolf

Here at Monte’s you’ll enjoy hearty, but basic fare, a small bar area / barista with cafeteria style service. Prices are high, and service is low, but it’s a great place to hang out with one wall facing out towards “Vista” and Chairs 1 & 11.

Timber Creek Lodge

This is a temporary tent style lodge that offers basic cafeteria style dining, and a small bar that faces out toward’s Sentinel Bowl & Olympic. There’s typically a BBQ set up outside with some lounge chairs to sit back and soak up some sun.

Backside Hut aka “The Beer House”

View from Kirkwood’s – Beer House – Backside Dining

This is a personal favorite and a great place to hang out on a sunny day. They have a small BBQ and picnic table area with burgers and chips. The scenery is quite breathtaking, and it’s quite a fun scene to hang out on some beach chairs and let the legs take a break.