Ski Equipment

Selecting the best ski equipment is a fun shopping journey, and selecting the best ski equipment can make all the difference between a poor, average, or exceptional on mountain experience.

Here is our SkiCritics guide to Ski Equipment

Ski Boots – This is frankly the most important shopping item on your list of high performance, fun and comfort. The difference between great fitting boots and poor fitting boots can determine how much fun you can maximize on the slopes

Ski Clothing – Once you have found the ultimate fit for ski boots, clothing is quite essential, and perhaps one of the favorite shopping experiences. There are many items you’ll need for performance skiing to keep you warm and comfortable. Personal style is a personal choice, but it’s essential that you choose wisely to ensure you can enjoy the outdoors without becoming over-heated, or chilled to the bone. We offer some tips to help guide you as you meld your ski clothing style and comfort.

Skis – Picking the right skis can mean the difference between struggling to get down the hill to ripping up the slopes in style. Great skis help you to perform to your maximum and enable you to show off your athletic skills

Goggles – This seems like a trivial purchase, and many people skimp as they feel that this is an afterthought purchase. Quite the opposite is true… seeing where you’re going in variable light conditions is essential to skiing great. Don’t skimp on goggles as you will quickly regret.

Helmets – Skiing is fun, but there are some dangers. Picking a safe and comfortable helmet can keep you safe from the hazards.

Poles – Although poles are often looked at as a fashion only purchase, there are some key distinctions that are key to performance skiing. This is much less essential to your skiing, and mostly picking the right size can makes all the difference.