Boreal Ski Resort Review

Boreal Ski Resort Trail Map

Boreal is a fun ski resort for those looking to enter the sport, or just kick around on the slopes. I particularly enjoy their night skiing option … if you’ve never tried skiing at night you should give it a go!

The resort is really geared towards family fun and day trippers looking to play up in the snow. You can go sledding or tubing, rent some skis and take a lesson, cruise around on the snowboard park features, or just throw some snowballs, make snow angel and have a snowball fight. It’s really a place for those new to the sport to come up and play!

Located on top of Donor Summit you’ll benefit from early and deep snow packs. Typically Boreal tries to open for skiing as early as Halloween and makes for a fun early season ski experience.

Boreal is very conveniently located for skiers coming up from the San Francisco Bay or Sacramento area, as well as those staying in Truckee or Reno.