Best Snow Wagons for 2022

I love the convenience, drivability and utility of AWD Sports Wagons as you get the driving performance of a sports sedan, the luggage and ski space of an SUV, and MPG rivaling most sedans. The Sports Wagons on the market today are very refined, but you won’t have the same range selection as European auto makers have limited their releases and now excluding the US.

There are 2 key categories that Sports Wagons are falling into including the high end, ultra lux and more of a mid range with price points that are within reach for most drivers. The ultra lux have a bit of disadvantage with an average ground clearance of only 5 inches. The core selection of Sports Wagons do offer an average of 8 inches of ground clearance making them a bit more competitive with the SUV’s and Crossovers.

Here are 3 Ultra High End Snow Wagons to get you up to the slopes…. for those who can afford the price tag

Porsche Panamera Turismo 4S

If you have the $100,000 – $165,000 to spend and seeking the highest performance AWD Sports Wagon on the market… Viola Porsche Pnamera Turismo should be your top choice. There is more than ample room in back for all your ski gear, very comfortable seating for 4, and a rocket-ship performance engine at your command. Check out the full review…

Audi RS6 Avant

Audi and Porsche share many traits but here in this model line is quite unique to any Porsche. The A6 Avant is a long standing model in the Audi line up and and is a natively unique design and style… much more of a true wagon. Audi has the renowned Quattro AWD system which has won many off-road and on snow performance driving championships around the world.

Mercedes E-Class Wagon

Mercedes offers a very refined, comfortable and capable E-Class Wagon providing a great choice in the high end, lux class of Sports Wagons. With the AMG version you have all the HP and suspension you need to pour thought the corners, accelerate past the slow traffic, and arrive to your ski destination with distinctive style.

Core List of The Best Snow Wagons …. in the more practical world

Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition

The Subaru Outback / Subaru Wagon has long been the go to wagon choice of skiers going back to the ’80s. They’re tough, reliable, affordable, and perform quite well in mountain terrain. We love the new Outback Wilderness Edition with extra ground clearance of 9.5 inches, and some cool styling that sets it apart from the pack. If you live in the mountains, have a cabin with more remote access, or just love to gun it thought the deep snow, the Outback Wilderness edition should top your list in this category. Read the full review

Audi Allroad Editions A4, and A6

The Audi line up is quite strong and scores especially well with style points. The Allroad offers more ground clearance than the old Avant, but also less road feel as they have detuned the steering wheel feedback. Inside you’ll get a choice of the A4 and A6 depending on how many passengers and gear you would like to haul. The Quattro transmission is among the best in the business, and you’ll have a sure footed grip in all snow and ice conditions.

Volvo V40 XC and V60 XC

Much like Audi, Volvo offers you a choice of 2 sizes depending on your individual needs of hauling passengers and gear. I’m super impressed by this line with 8.5 inches of ground clearance and an updated styling that sets this brand apart. Inside you’ll find the most refined and plush interior within the category. The updates in styling, performance, and utility really have come a long way with Volvo and they are a stand out brand for sure.