Alpha Romeo Stelvio 2022 Review

Alpha Romeo Stelvio 2022

Red is a color that is well suited for this Italian masterpiece. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio delivers all of the style, grace, and performance you would expect from Alfa. This is the most true “Sports Car” of the Sports SUV lineup. If you’re a thrill seeker looking for an SUV that really stands out in the crowd… Alfa should be on top of your list.

More impressingly the Stelvio has 8.1″ of ground clearance – which is one of the tallest in this group. Perhaps the famous Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli took his findings in quantum gravity to the engineers at Alfa Romeo to redefine what is possible in automotive design.

If you really want to get yourself going – check out their top of the line Quadrifoglio with a 505 HP V-6 Engine delivering 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds. Considering this comes in around $87,000 it’s significantly less expensive than its competition with the BMW X4M, and Porsche Macan GTS running about $95,000 similarly equipped.

Most people will want to select the 4 cylinder 280 HP versions in the line up with a speedy 0-60 in only 5.5 seconds. This is much faster than the field, generally coming in at 6 seconds (BMW & Porsche)

The interior is quite sporty and you do get more of a true “sports car” feel from the iconic badge behind the steering wheel, to the Italian fashioned buttons and dials. Another great selling point for Alfa is that seats are standard with that great Italian Leather…. Other “Luxury Brands” up-charge another $3,000 for this feature.

Surprisingly the Alfa is very affordable and the top, premium version of the 4 Cylinder lineup is the Veloce coming in about $55,000 with leather seats, premium stereo, and AWD.

Alfa has really delivered an amazing Sports Utility Vehicle here and is somewhat overlooked by many other editors reviewing this class. Before you run out and buy one of the others in this class… you should drop by your Alfa dealer to test drive this first.

My only hesitation or concern with the Stelvio is maintenance and durability. The German manufacturers tend to out-perform when it comes to this key category, but I would imagine you’ll be good for 100,000 miles with Alfa. With the lower price point, I think there is solid value.

Here is a good youtube video review to check out