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I have had the opportunity to live in Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Kirkwood ski resorts holding jobs at high end ski shops and within Kirkwood’s Marketing Team. My biggest ski season was at Kirkwood in ’94 /’95 where it snowed over 100 ft, enabling me to ski 208 days between early Nov – May 31. During that season I experienced an epic day following 15 ft of new snow that fell within 36 hours. The snow was so deep the patrol kept the mountain closed to the general public… as they couldn’t find the closed signs while they cleared the resort for avalanche control. Fortunately for me, I wan’t considered general public and gained access to the deepest snow on earth….

Over the years I’ve enjoyed skiing 42 different resorts across the West spanning Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Utah, Canada, Wyoming, Montana, So Cal, Oregon, and Idaho accumulating over 1,400 days. Adding to that… a few years ago I had the opportunity to try Heli-Skiing up in BC at CMH Monashees taking the sport to the next level. I recommend you add Cat Skiing or Heli Skiing to your bucket list now.

With my background working at ski shops, I’ve become a bit of an equipment geek. I love to explore the new technologies, try various ski widths, and enjoy the innovation of the sport. I’ll share some of my opinions based on my expertise as a former pro boot fitter, ski tester, and certified ski technician.

I’ve developed SkiCritics.com to share my reviews and experiences across ski resorts, equipment and cool rides that get us up to the hill.

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Chris Verzello – Editor in Chief of Ski Critics


Chris Verzello
Chris Verzello, Chief Editor of Ski Critics